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Calendula Salve

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Olive Oil, Beeswax, Calendula Flower


Homegrown chemical free calendula flower is harvested, washed, and slow dried.  Calendula flower is slow infused into olive oil for weeks.  Infused olive oil is strained and used in making small batches of salve.  Each batch is carefully made to keep temperatures low and quality high.


Clear glass jar with plastic lid.


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Share Pack (four 1oz.), 2 oz., 4 oz.

3 reviews for Calendula Salve

  1. Nora (verified owner)

    I am a nurse & have been using Calendula salve for insect bites, itching ,flaky and dry skin. Recently , I had a blister on sole of my feet from traveling & wearing a new shoes. It was so red and very painful. I remember I brought the Calendula Salve I bought from you . I applied the Salve on my painful soles before I slept. When I woke-up in the morning , the redness & pain are gone and there’s no more blister! I just can’t believe it ! That’s the best result I got from this Salve. Thank you Sofia & Maria for your Ministry! God’s natural remedies work!!

  2. Kayla Gray (verified owner)

    This salve is amazing. I’m so glad I purchased this and will continue to re purchase. Every time we have a minor skin issue, whether it’s dry cuticles, a small cut, scrape, rash, irritated nose from blowing your nose too much, you name it- we use this and the NEXT DAY it is better. Obviously if it is a cut it hasn’t disappeared or anything, but generally the pain is very reduced or gone and any irritation surrounding the area is gone. Honestly such a great product.

  3. anthony

    Thank you. My sister used this cream on a mole on her face and it completely took the mole away. Thank you for making this natural product.

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