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Getting Started with God In Nature vol. 1


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Come and see the invisible things of God! Do you want your child to REALLY love God? And, to have that love ENDURE through teen years and early adulthood when so many youths run away from God? Getting Started With God in Nature is like a gentle gardener planting seeds of love in the soft soil of your child’s heart. This volume is full of love illustrated through building birds, migrating butterflies, loyal dogs, fighting fish, steady stars, and more in an attractive and unforgettable way.God designed nature to be an illustration of the invisible things of Him (See Romans 1:20). Learning to love God through the sights and sounds of nature puts creation itself to work for salvation. Reminders of our Creator’s infinite love will be at every turn in life’s journey. It is the author’s hope that reading these colorful lessons will help to bind your family together in eternal ties that cannot be broken. Please enjoy volume one of the series GETTING STARTED WITH GOD IN NATURE.


  • Paperback : 123 pages
  • Dimensions : 7.44 x 0.29 x 9.69 inches


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