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Comfrey Salve

(25 customer reviews)


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Good for

Bones and Joints


Olive Oil, Beeswax, Comfrey Leaf


Homegrown chemical free comfrey leaf is harvested, washed, and slow dried.  Comfrey leaf is powdered and filtered.  Small batches of salve are made carefully to keep temperatures low and quality high.


Clear glass jar with plastic lid.

See How Sofia Makes this Salve in this Video

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Share Pack (four 1oz.), 2 oz., 4oz., Castor Oil 2oz

25 reviews for Comfrey Salve

  1. Deanna

    I am really impressed at the quality of this product. It has helped my daughters knee pain to diminish. It has also helped pain in my foot when other natural products haven’t been able too! Well done! I highly would recommend this product!

  2. M (verified owner)

    The seller is wonderful and the product is very nice. My husband and I are slowly starting to feel a difference in pain levels with our joints. It’s not a quick fix, so definitely give it time and use it every day. Took about a week and a half to notice.

  3. Skip Joers

    I have been using Sophia’s comfrey for my neck which wouldn’t stop hurting for 2 years. It worked almost immediately.

    It’s a little messy, but worth it to stop the pain.

  4. Trish

    This product works! Relieved my back pain within minutes.I’m amazed.

  5. Dave wunder (verified owner)

    I have no cartridge left in my knuckles and thumbs and other arthritis issues this has given me tremendous help as I need to keep working for a few more years

  6. Bruce Jones (verified owner)

    Awesome relief for my knees, hip and lower lumbar pain and expediting healing. Fast shipping and excellent packaging. I use it three times a day. I can now traverse stairs again and continue earning a living as a 68 year old carpenter, Gods medicine is so superior to any pharmaceutical concoctions. God bless you sisters.

  7. Fisseha (verified owner)

    I sent Comfrey’s salve to my sister in Ethiopia. She has noticed the change in a day. Miraculous!!

  8. Ellice (verified owner)

    Thank you so much for your amazing healing comfrey salve! We tried it on my family members very painful foot for months and with in a few weeks no more pain! You are a gift to all of us thank you.

  9. Hope (verified owner)

    I had tare in my Right shoulder. Was schedule to have surgery. Using Comfrey Salve night and day my shoulder recovered to normal function with out surgery. I thank God !

  10. anthony

    Your product is wonderfully fresh healthy green, really removes pain due to inflammation. Thank you Sophia and may GOD continue to bless you, your family to help the many afflicted.

  11. anthony

    I have used the salve every night and have definitely noticed a difference.

  12. anthony

    I have very bad eczema on my hands and then psoriasis on my knees and elbows. I got your salve yesterday and put two applications on them yesterday and they are at least 50% better last night! Then I put some on today and its getting better, especially my hands. Now, I have used things on my hands before and they get better (not this fast) and then my hands get bad again so only time will tell, but this seems to be much faster than anything else has ever been. Well, also I hurt my lower back yesterday and got up this morning and it was hurting pretty bad so I took a muscle relaxer and 4 Motrin…3 hours later, still hurting so I remembered that this salve is supposed to help pain so I rubbed some on and laid down on a heating pad and 20 minutes later, NO PAIN!!! I cannot believe it. Its been about an hour since I put it on and my pain is there a little but tolerable and not bad at all…before I could hardly walk. This stuff is amazing.

  13. Mary (verified owner)

    Comfrey Salve has made my life pain free .. I have been suffering with inflammation in my knee since early March .. I saw a sports Dr.. and immediately he wanted to do surgery.. instead I was given a cortisone shot .. since my X-ray showed no bone on bone .. my pain was still there .. I finally remembered I had ordered yet never used the comfrey … I started applying the salve 3 times a day .. with every application the pain became less and less .. within days I was finally sleeping at night I had no pain .. I truly believe if I had started the Comfrey at the beginning I would have never gone to the Dr .. who asked me twice was I ready for surgery…
    Now my second wonder – for 2 days I was suffering from seasonal allergies .. with all its full blown symptoms… coughing be a main one .. the coughing was so deep my entire rib cage and stomach were so sore … I applied the comfrey across my ribs and stomach.. literally within 30 minutes ALL the soreness was gone .. if I could give it 100 stars I would .. as far as a pain reliever for me .. it has brought some normalcy back to my life … this product has been so potent and pure …the packaging is a wide open glass jar .. easy to apply ..I received it in days no long waiting period.. it will forever be on my shelf… thank you Sofia for and excellent product…

  14. anthony

    After five days of using the comfrey, three times a day, my pain in my back is so much better that I was able to jump out of bed this morning. Well, not literally but much quicker. Pain in my hip is also better. I was just excited and wanted to share.

  15. Steve

    I have scoliosis and my lower back often hurts. As soon as I applied the salve my pain went away instantly!! Also I had my friend over who snapped his shin in a work injury and torn his acl, he was instantly out of pain as soon as he applied it as well!!! Thanks so much for your ministry, praise Jesus!!!

  16. anthony

    I have been using it for 3 days. I already see a marked difference in my pain symptoms,

    Thank you so much

  17. A. C.

    My husband hurt his shoulder a while back and almost every night he’s in pain, but he loves your comfry salve because it gives him relief almost instantly. I’ve experienced almost instant relief as well when I rub it on my shoulder. My mother broke one of her toes a few years ago and it didn’t heal properly, so its constantly inflamed and it aches, I don’t know if it healed or not from the previous comfry salve that I bought her but I’m sure it’s doing good because she hasn’t complained about her toe hurting and she wanted me to order her another comfry salve.

  18. anthony

    I have scoliosis and my lower back often hurts. As soon as I applied the salve my pain went away instantly!! Aldo I had my friend over who snapped his shin in a work injury and torn his acl, he was instantly out of pain as soon as he applied it as well!!! Thanks so much for your ministry, praise Jesus!!!

  19. W. K.

    I started using your Comfrey salve and it is working great! My back feels extremely better. It is working better than any of the other natural remedies. I have now gotten 2 more people using it. So thankful you make a very high quality product.

  20. B G Borchers (verified owner)

    Last week my husband was in our car with my 55# puppy. It was her first trip in the car with us and she was excited. Then she saw another dog and was REALLY excited and ran her paws down my husband’s cheek, making awful marks, some of them seeping blood. I applied the Comfrey Salve a couple of times a day and in NO TIME (!) his face was healed!!!!! I love the “Sister’s” Comfrey Salve.

  21. D (verified owner)

    Amazing plant! It helps my lower back pain when it flares up. I’ve also given it to others because it works so well. Nature heals!

  22. ST

    Our friend broke his leg in a construction accident, snapped his shin, he walked with a limp when I first met him, 3 months later after your comfrey salve, he and I are racing…lol… and he beat me!

  23. L. R.

    I have purchased your products in the past and it lasted so long, it’s so effective, it’s my go to for back pain. I especially love the comfrey salve. I have shared it with many of my friends in tiny jars. I believe in this product and very grateful for your business.

  24. E O

    We put it to use immediately.
    My husband had no pain in his hip today!
    He usually has pain every day!

  25. Brian

    Some knee pain. The doctor said it sounded external, no internal damage. Still hurt at times much; had difficulty walking down the stairs and often even sitting. At times used some pain meds, which I only do when I feel it is a must.

    Friends tried your Comfrey and recommended it.

    Been using it for about four months. It works excellently. Thanks!

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